We speak to about 200 search firms and search firm leaders each month. We have access to nearly every firm across the globe!

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In our conversations, we are constantly thinking about team alignment, sector focus, business goals, and objectives. These insights are critical in our recruitment and team acquisition efforts.

But these discussions are also critical in our rapidly expanding Merger & Acquisition consultancy. Yet, we all hear the stories of how a merger or an acquisition went bad, or regret by the acquiring firm. This is where ALC Enable steps in!

We are so passionate about the search industry that we were determined to develop a better platform for connecting great search firms with like-minded great search firms. Motivations for an acquisition or a merger are nearly as unique as the firms themselves. Yet, what we see time and time again is unreasonable expectations of valuations, or even where the value resides. We see a myopic focus on the financials and the valuations. And not enough focus on culture, brand, attitude, personalities, leadership alignment, post-event onboarding, and transparency.

At ALC Enable we have developed an end-to-end M&A approach that, yes, of course, takes a deep dive into the firm financials and value, but goes further. We undertake a deep dive into leadership and team personalities, short and long-term business goals, brand equity of both firms, and culture alignment. We consider synergies of sector focus, geographic coverage, and technology platform and alignment requirements.

And we know the greatest opportunity to ensure success is after the transaction. What happens on day one? Day seven? Week four? Month six? We work with our M&A clients on developing comprehensive team and firm integration programs whose goal is to make what is naturally a stressful undertaking as smooth as possible and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Members of the ALC Enable team have led integrations of large and small teams into both global, regional, and sector-focused firms. Additionally, we have integrated two or more small boutique firms successfully multiple times.

In short, ALC Enable’s focus is not just on the transaction, but on the total continuum of the opportunity for both firms. We strive to ensure the best outcome possible. There are always bumps in the road and we have seen nearly every one of them and are there to support our clients along the journey.