Executive search is experiencing tectonic shifts! Talent Development is critical to long-term viability fostering continued learning, employee engagement, and talent management that drives organizational performance, productivity, and results.

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Whether driven by external forces such as economic and geopolitical headwinds, evolving technology and solutions, new and emerging sectors and rapidly expanding client needs, there is no shortage of things that keep firm leaders up at night.

Then of course let’s include the impact of a global pandemic on workplace and team effectiveness, or internal issues such as growth and team expansion, evolving business goals and objectives and new skills and leadership requisites, individuals and teams need to adapt and be prepared.

ALC Enable has been advising executive search firms for more than 20 years in creating strategies and programmes that address these challenges in a structured, not reactive manner. We have worked with firm leadership, as well as delivery, execution, and research teams in preparing them to meet both short- and long-term market and client demands.

Additionally, we partner with firm leadership to develop individual and team development and retention strategies that ensure team effectiveness for the long term.

Success is the result of continuous evolution, advancement and learning. We support leadership teams to ensure they are prepared for what lies ahead. Through workshops, bespoke self-paced training modules, team-building events, and other solutions. We partner with firms so their teams can continually evolve and expand professionals’ skills.