Future-proofing the executive search industry since 2001

ALC Enable was founded in 2001 with a single goal: to support executive search and talent advisory firms in their quest for scale and growth, revenue and value. 

We are the world’s only advisory partnership offering a complete range of strategic and operational solutions exclusively to the sector. 

We work with local firms, integrated organisations and networks, international and global, large and small. Having served 120 clients in 36 countries over 22 years, we have unparalleled insight into the executive search and talent advisory industry. The challenges and opportunities. The latest market intelligence and trends. The ways in which the best firms in the business are shaping the future. 

Partnering with ALC Enable means direct and objective guidance on achieving your business goals. Set in the distinctive context of the executive search sector and exercised with rigour and confidentiality.

We are the business solutions firm for executive search.

What makes us different?

We are unique. The only full-service advisory firm in the world focused exclusively on the executive search and talent advisory industry.

We offer a full-spectrum service. Unlike pure search-to-search or recruitment-to-recruitment firms, we address eight factors that form a strategic whole.

We are specialists in your field. We have decades of frontline leadership experience resolving the challenges facing the owners and managing partners of executive search firms.

We have ears to the ground, at global and local level. Since 2001 we have met over 4000 firms and worked with 120 firms worldwide. We speak with over 120 search firms, firm leaders and candidates every month. We have worked with 36 countries since 2001

We are a globally active consortium of passionate professionals.

Our Team

ALC Enable is world’s only full-service provider to the executive search and talent advisory industry. We advise on the strategic and operational areas that are critical to long-term success. Supported by a dedicated central operations team, our strategic partners offer a wealth of frontline leadership experience.
Maniti Gadoya Executive Assistant to the Founder

Maniti Gadoya

Executive Assistant

Paulina Chmielek Assistant Director UK

Paulina Chmielek

Assistant Director

Aleksandra Trpchevska Principal – Executive Search Consultant

Aleksandra Trpchevska

Principal – Executive Search Consultant

Freelance researcher talent pool

Extending the reach of your executive search capacity

We connect executive search firms with a global pool of over 450 researchers and talent intelligence freelancers, assuring skilled support at a competitive price within a short timescale. Our clear and simple terms of engagement ensure a smooth process: an optimum fit with your assignment, that is agile and cost effective

A pool of over 450 freelance researchers, growing daily
All major countries covered Engagement from 1 day to 12 months
Researchers on board within a few days of your brief
No retainers or lock-in contracts
Majority of researchers with SHREK or global firm backgrounds and world-class training
Generalists or specialists in most sectors/functions
Our Pledge

ALC Enable strives to maintain the highest standards of client and candidate care at all times. We hold ourselves to a set of stringent ethical standards.

CONFIDENTIALITY AND DATA PROTECTION – we commit to absolute discretion and protection of client and candidate information. No information shared will be shared with third parties without prior written permission. We ensure that all personal data is protected, private and secure, compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and other data protection legislation 

TRANSPARENCY – if we are unable to deliver on a client mandate, we will say so upfront and endeavour to recommend an alternative partner

OFF-LIMITS – if we conduct recruitment assignments for a client, we will not approach its partners or employees on behalf of another client for a period of two years since the conclusion of the last assignment.

Adrianna Pisarek-Pokwicka
Adrianna boasts an extensive background in sales, account management, and notably, marketing – an arena she’s profoundly passionate about. Having previously honed her skills in a marketing agency, she draws on both the theoretical insights from her MBA and hands-on experience. As a Principal, not only does she engage in research and liaise with executive search professionals, but she’s also the driving force behind the marketing and business development initiatives at ALC Enable: from orchestrating webinars, crafting compelling content, designing graphics as well as curating and executing comprehensive and innovative marketing plans. Outside work, Adrianna, also known as Ada, finds solace in long walks with her treasured dog.
Maniti Gadoya
Maniti, hailing from India and with a background deeply rooted in IT, plays a pivotal role within ALC Enable as the Founder’s EA and in an operational support function across the business. Maniti manages the intricate diary schedules and coordinates complex travel arrangements for our Founder and the entire team. Additionally, she oversees critical processes and financial matters, as well as dealing with suppliers, clients and others on behalf of the Founder and others. Beyond her professional endeavours, Maniti has a strong passion for music. She holds a Diploma in Music and has some experience in musical theatre.
Tim founded ALC Enable in 2001 and since then has established a number of executive search and leadership firms as well as acting as adviser and Non-Executive Director to several others. With a background in film, theatre and publishing, he established the ‘Creative and Media’ practice for a London executive search firm in the late 1990s. As well as running the business, Tim leads the client relationship on the strategy side of the business, supporting executive search firms with their business strategy and growth. This can include their marketing strategy, their corporate identities, profiles and reputations, as well as supporting search firm leaders through coaching and mentoring programmes too. Tim also coaches and mentors industry leaders, enabling them to hone their skills and experience, develop and prioritise their plans for their business and achieve their goals. He is fanatical about 1980s and 2020s music, a passionate skier, an okay chess player, a below-average children’s magician, and the least prolific stand-up comedian on the London circuit, averaging one gig every 4 years to date. He still would like to try his hand at comedy, it’s just a question of whether his arm and the rest of his body will follow.
Paulina Chmielek
With a solid background in technical recruitment from agencies and software houses in Poland, Paulina Chmielek is a key contributor to the ALC Enable team. Her educational journey began with a technical university background and a degree in Pedagogy, fostering her expertise in both technology and interpersonal dynamics. Paulina fronts client relationships and also has some new business and management responsibility across the group of businesses. Outside her professional life, Paulina’s passions span from music to technology, with a strong affinity for endurance sports. Additionally, she is deeply intrigued by the dynamic and transformative world of cryptocurrency.
Aleksandra Trpchevska
Aleksandra Trpchevska is a senior member of the ALC Enable team, heading up some of the client and candidate relationships and working on a global basis. With over 4 years in executive search, she’s proven her worth as a trusted partner for executive search firms seeking top-tier talent and looking to scale through M&A. With a foundation in both business and technology, Aleksandra’s background allows her to bridge the gap between the intricate requirements and the strategic business goals of her clients. Her reputation is built on commitment to excellence, leadership, and a holistic grasp of tech, business, and talent. Aleksandra has lived in the US and holds a degree in English Language and Literature. She speaks several languages including English, Spanish, and Macedonian, with a working knowledge of Italian and French. In her free time, she enjoys travel and dancing as well as reading personal development books and suspense novels.
Michał Masłakow
Michal leads our global data entry team while also spearheading research for talent and M&A projects on behalf of our executive search clients. Michal is a former Welsh Youth Soccer Champion and an active football player, who brings the invaluable ethos of sports teamwork into the business arena, highlighting the parallels between sports victories and corporate triumphs.
Karolina Miller
Coming from a design background, Karolina serves as a researcher while also being an integral part of the data entry and research team. Karolina is excited to be immersing herself in the executive search industry and explore the challenges it offers. Outside work, Karolina enjoys long forest walks with her dog Popeye, live music, and spending hours in the cinema. She loves to surround herself with people, always friendly and willing to help.