Building the super-highway to your audience

Branding and marketing

Strong brands are relevant, resonant and distinctive. They communicate consistently and deliver on their promises. Whether you manage it or not, your firm’s brand is a living script. It is the sum of your stakeholder experiences: the way your firm looks, feels, thinks, behaves, and delivers across all touchpoints. It creates your reputation, good, bad or indifferent. Today, the best executive search firms are waking up to the power of professional branding and marketing. They are attracting and retaining the right clients, candidates, member firms, Partners and staff. They are determining whether their firm is an industry shaper, an adaptor, or simply preserves the right to play.

Your firm may be new to strategic branding and marketing, or an established player seeking to refresh or re-position. Wherever you are in your lifecycle, we help you to dial up your brand and marketing communications, based in our track record working with world-leading executive search firms.

Integrated branding and marketing strategy 

  • Development of brand identity, architecture and visual identity
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Definition of unique value proposition and differentiators
  • Content and thought leadership taxonomy 
  • Internal brand compliance audits

Content creation

  • Content management
  • Editorial calendar
  • Messaging matrix
  • Development of thought leadership: articles, business development and press materials
  • Development of data-based studies: vehicles for major multi-channel campaigns and press penetration
  • Website content creation, design and build

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