Forging the pillars for consistency, agility, and engagement

Culture and internal communications

Your culture is part of your firm’s DNA: its habits, attitudes, beliefs and assumptions. For better or worse, your culture translates into actions. No matter how sophisticated your strategy, your culture holds the codes for what happens. Decisions on what to do next and how. Who joins and who leaves. Who to merge with or acquire, and who to avoid. Culture is a set of reference points to diagnose the health of your firm. Who are we? Are we still who we want to be? Is our strategy aligned with our culture? Your culture decides whether your firm survives or thrives.

No matter how young or mature your organisation, we help you to dive beneath its surface to understand, capture and communicate your culture. Crystallising its beneficial characteristics into values. Identifying what needs to change. Transforming culture into a source of strength: ensuring consistency, agility, and engagement.

  • Design of internal culture surveys.
  • Definition and anchoring of mission, vision, values and principles.
  • Planning, creation and dissemination of key. stakeholder announcements
  • Engagement-building programs to support major strategic shifts or initiatives.

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