Enriching and extending the range of
your service offering

Service portfolio

For several years executive search firms have faced existential questions: can our core business keep us in the game? Should we extend beyond search into leadership consulting or advisory services? If so, which non-search services should we add, and how? In order to provide these services, should we recruit, acquire, or collaborate? How safe is it to re-position and move away from our legacy?
What’s more, executive search itself is evolving. How can we ensure our core service stays best-in-class? To explore or exploit is a classic paradox – one which many firms are struggling to resolve. Firms that succeed achieve the best of both worlds and new levels of performance
Based on our interactions with your market-leading competitors we help you to solve the portfolio puzzle: to identify, evaluate, focus, develop and decide.
  • Assess existing portfolio categories
  • Executive search, Board advisory, organisational consulting, mentoring, development and coaching, leadership assessment, interim management.
  • Strategies for seamlessly introducing portfolio extensions or improvements, both search and advisory)
  • Addressing the challenge of how to position these services most effectively and profitably without diluting any of the others.
  • Identification of high potential innovations within the organisation
    Identification of external collaborations, firms or individuals

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