Building platforms for efficiency and quality

Technology and processes

How strong is your information flow? Do you know what you know? As an executive search firm scales and grows, access to business data: candidate, client and financial, becomes a make-or-break factor. In the best firms, leaders, partners and staff are hotwired into a live circuit board. Accurate data enables them to forecast, plan, correct and adjust. When raw data is translated into knowledge, business development and innovation flourish. What’s more, assignment teams not only need to share client and candidate information, but they also need to deliver consistent quality. Shared standards and protocols are critical, especially across geographical borders.

We support you in checking the health of your current systems and standards. We help you to define avenues to raise efficiency and quality.

  • Design of member firm contracts, rules and guidelines.
  • Design of reporting protocols.
  • Design of quality standards.
  • Design and running of quality audits (offices, member firms).
  • Design of business development, key account and cross border guidelines.
  • Support in benchmarking and selecting executive search software.
  • Support in benchmarking and selecting internal knowledge sharing platforms.

Our Services