Consolidating a legacy and stakeholder value

Succession and exit

You have invested energy, time and money in building a successful firm. When is it time to step away and enjoy the fruits? You have built an incredible team. Professionals who look to you for guidance and leadership. What happens when you are no longer there for them? Who will take up the reins of the business? How would you estimate the assets of the firm that you have built? Do you believe that you can command maximum value? The transition to succession and exit can be painful. It places multiple demands on founders: from the governance, legal and financial perspectives, to the people they lead. It demands adept self-leadership: self-reflection, self-awareness, realism, resilience and transparency.

We work hand in hand with Founders and management teams to navigate the succession and exit journey, smoothing the path ahead.

  • Support to Founders through the reflection and decision-making process.
  • Identification of successors: leadership and management teams.
  • Design of exit plan.

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